The European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA) promotes and disseminates theoretical and empirical research on the education of adults and adult learning in Europe through research networks, conferences and publications. Active members come from most parts of Europe.

ESREA is made up of several networks which on a regular basis have meetings at which research around certain themes is discussed. At the moment, ESREA has seven active networks, and each active network has a meeting every one or two years. Among these is the ESREA Network “Between Global and Local: Adult Learning and Communities”. This network aims to bring together European researchers committed to studying the multiple relationships between adult learning in communities and the relationship between the development of communities, social movements for learning and democratic citizenship in a local and global context. Different scales of development should be analysed together, clearly identifying the global and regional/ local dimensions of them. It involves educational processes and opportunities for social change, focusing on people’s autonomy and emancipation. The idea is to create a network capable of encouraging research on development in the context of globalization, through territorial and micro-scale approaches, urban and rural studies, and taking in regenerating communities, learning places and spaces, regional development and planning. Above all, all these themes can show the central role of adult learning in the context of communities.

To become a member of ESREA

To become a member of ESREA fill out the form available at www.esrea.org and send it back to the secretariat. When the application has been received, the secretary will send an invoice for the membership-fee which should be paid within three weeks.